No Installation. No performance.

In 2016, the performers Bettina Nampé and Philine Herrlein, together with the light artist Julius Schmiedel, created a situation in which, through the presence and absence of light and bodies, they addressed the perception of one’s own body and the perception of other human bodies. Central to this was the question of which projections of perception go hand in hand with the presence of human bodies and by what means these projections can be unsettled, undermined or reinforced. They countered the complexity that goes along with this with the approach to simplify the body – to make it a thing. To what extent and in what way can the performers‘ self-perception be changed towards structure and material and how does this infect the experience of the viewers? What quality and what information content of contact arises when bodies meet as objects?

At the same time, light was in a state of permanent transformation, oscillating between chance and a life of its own. The essential, which was removed from the bodies, merges into reactions of light, which followed opaque impulses and yet were unrelated to the situation.

N/Or was shown at Moltkerei Köln in 2016.