Since 2015 materials is considered as a continuous research and collective process at the interface of choreography and visual art, dance and sculpture.

materials is a 50-hour performance, which can be understood as a laboratory situation due to its temporal extension and experimental character.
The decelerated and at the same time concentrated process of movement becomes the path of the symbiotic approach of body and material. The boundaries of dynamic – statics, subject– object, ego – not-ego, etc. dissolve within the approach to the specifically chosen material for each annual edition, e.g. 2016 the industrial building material, plasterboard.

From a artistic and choreographic point of view, the sculptural quality of body and movement is traced and examined in a reflected exchange: How, for example, does not only the material as formal and haptic impulse generator influence movement and body perception, but to what extent does the building material itself become a resonance body? And how does also the space-time structure here shift in our perception?

The subjective and conscious experience of reduced movements, which appear as an open process in dealing with the material, alternates with the momentary fixation, for example through the camera. Immediate physicality, spatial setting and visual reflection come together here. The traces of the processes of movement and thought remained for two days as a spatial installation.

materials is a follow-up project to the n/either-research, initiated by dancers Bettina Nampé and Philine Herrlein and visual artist Linda Nadji in Cologne in 2015. Together with curator Jari Ortwig, materials  (2016), materials I(2017) and materials II(2018) have so far been realized.